The Way She Is Now

from by Rebecca Turner



She put her hat in her pocket,
though she knew it might fall out.
Last year, she would have been a wreck
to think about that hat lying on the ground.
Now she don’t care; things are moving way too fast
and she knows the little things can’t last.

That’s the way she is now.
She don’t want to find out
how things went down.
But it might be a good place that she’s gone.

She really didn’t mean to knock it;
sometimes she speaks too soon.
Sometimes she just won’t say a word
even though King Kong is in the living room.
Forgive her mind, she knows not where it’s gone,
but it never stays away too long.

That’s the way she is now.
She don’t want to find out
how things went wrong.
But she will always come back to your arms.

She still dances, and she swears that all her answers
will be true, and when she’s wrong, she’s so ashamed.
But oh, beloved sisters, oh beloved brothers would you
want a girl who never ever changed?

When she went around the corner
the world opened up.
She had to take the way she was, and what was going on,
and make the two match up.
But at 6:00, when she and her lover take a walk
the world is sweet enough.

That’s the way she is now.
She may never find out
where she went wrong.
Let's pray she knows enough to carry on.


from Slowpokes, released April 30, 2009


all rights reserved



Rebecca Turner New Jersey

Rebecca Turner's music is a beat-up valise full of Laurel Canyon postcards, filled out with New York citygirl musings and country car-radio anthems. Her novelistic folk-rock is full of vivid imagery, happy/sad chords and unusual melodies that delight.

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